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~ Patios ~

Installation of a new patio surface can quickly transform your home. Kipp Contracting helps you to design the space for maximum utility, and to select the materials best suited for your needs & budget. The quality time you'll spend entertaining friends & family makes this a worthy investment. Projects can be executed quickly & efficiently, ensuring minimal disturbance to you and your family.

To give you a better idea of what is possible, please view our sample gallery of projects below:

walls_patios_049 (75K)

walls_patios_058 (90K)

walls_patios_054 (89K)

walls_patios_055 (93K)

walls_patios_060 (92K)

walls_patios_063 (100K)

walls_patios_059 (100K)

walls_patios_062 (89K)

walls_patios_064 (92K)

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